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Turn your old scrap jewelry into cash now. It doesn’t matter if its broken jewelry, watches old silverware or even coins, we take all your old metals and turn it into instant cash on the spot.


Come into one of our two convenient locations to have your items inspected immediately. We use top of the line equipment for testing precious metals to make sure we get you the most accurate results possible. All inspections are done in front of you why you watch and finished within minutes.

Come to Jabbours a Coral Gables Jewelry Store- sell gold in Coral Gables

Reasons why to come to Jabbours to sell gold in Coral Gables, Florida to sell your gold, silver and diamonds. Jabbours in Coral Gables, Florida is a Elegant Online jewelry Store and a licensed jewelry Buyer

Jabbours is a one stop online jewelry store, with gold, silver and all other precious metal buyers located next to the new western beef in west Coral Gables, Florida. Sell gold in Coral Gables, Jabbours always offers a wide variety of jewelry and designer jewelry services along with extensive databases of educational information regarding jewelry, gold, diamonds and many other precious metals. We do offer designer watches such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Cartier, Jacob, tag and many other luxury watches. We also offer a full loose diamond search to satisfy any of your loose diamonds needs, whether it be GIA, EGL , AGS or any other major diamond grading laboratory’s. Having all of our resources and little overhead compared to major brick and mortar stores we can offer you top dollar when selling your gold, silver, platinum or any other jewelry items.

Coral Gables residents are visiting Jabbours to Sell Gold and Silver because they have done their research. Sell your gold jewelry or scrap gold jewelry today while gold prices are soaring so you can turn that stash into cash.


Reasons to scrap and sell gold in Coral Gables

Many people we have the pleasure of doing business with have jewelry laying around the house that they don’t wear anymore or that is broken, our clients don’t know how truly valuable their gold, platinum or jewelry is until they come into Jabbours Finally you found a place conveniently located in west Coral Gables where you feel safe, comfortable and knowledgeable about selling your diamonds, gold, silver and platinum to licensed precious metals buyers

  Licensed south Florida precious metals buyer

  A gemological institute of America graduate inspects all diamonds in office so you know what you truly have, so both client and buyer are happy.

  We encourage you to take your gold else where first, we will pay top dollar no question!

  All appraising is done right in front of our clients; there is no need for your jewelry to leave your eyesight.

  Deal with a trusted buyer with many references.

  Come visit us at our office and feel secure, located in gorgeous west Boca next to the new western beef.

  Free steam cleaning when you come to see us, even if we don’t buy your gold or diamonds.


We sell Gold, Diamonds and many other fine jewelry items at wholesale prices at www.Jabbours.com. If you’re in the market to Buy Gold jewelry in Coral Gables or from any Online jewelry Store, we’ve got the lineup for you to choose from. When buying any item from Jabbours you should fee comfortable with our fully licensed and professional staff. Whether you’re looking to Buy Gold or to Sell Gold in Coral Gables, Jabbours offers a wide verity of and gold, silver or platinum jewelry. If you are looking for quality Gold, Diamonds or jewelry Jabbours is your top online jewelry store, with gold and precious metal buying offices located in Coral Gables, Florida we are proud to serve you online or in person.

Jabbours is the largest gold buyer in Coral Gables, so when it comes to selling gold in Coral Gables city the majority of people cash their gold in with us. Jabbours Gold Buyers are located in the heart of Coral Gables so you have easy access and a secure location to sell your gold. We specialize in giving cash for gold and buying gold in Coral Gables, we are family owned and operated. The reason for our on-going success is client satisfaction when a client comes to Sell Gold in Coral Gables they are treated like royalty. We have the highest cash for gold payout in the entire nation, we also go beyond anyone else to meet our clientele’s needs. In the past years we have served hundreds and thousands of satisfied customers throughout the Coral Gables area. We are able to pay the highest cash prices for gold and be most competitive because of our experienced staff. If you are looking for the best Coral Gables Gold Buyers, and want to sell scrap gold in Coral Gables and get the highest cash for jewelry in Coral Gables then we are the gold buyer to sell