A recent surge of interest in the Canadian diamond industry has meant that companies mining for gems in other parts of the world have fallen off investors’ radar a bit. However, that’s not to say such companies have faded away. Companies like Brazil Minerals, located near the Jequitinhonha River of North-East Brazil, are one of the largest in Brazil, and in a recent October 2014 article by Diamond Investment News, this large diamond mine was put to the spotlight as one of the front-runners in the diamond world.

When asked about the recent fancy-color grading by GIA, however, Chairman and CEO of Brazil Minerals, Marc Fogassa, only had this to say: “Probably not the first one found, but the first one graded. The Jequitinhonha River is mostly colorless, so it’s very exciting. We’re studying the colored diamond market, and in our press release on that diamond I mentioned the jewelry potential for colored diamonds.” That being said, the colored diamond market is growing at an exponential rate, and when investors are looking for the right business to invest in, it is important to look at all the facts and what each mine has to offer the market, as well as what they hope to accomplish in it. Although the state of Piaus where Brazil Minerals is located contains an abundant source of minerals, there are other areas in Brazil that are yielding a plethora of colored diamonds. One of these areas is Minas Gerais, and after the discovery of one of the rarest diamonds in the world, The Ocean Paradise, this region has been the talk of the gemological world.